Hoge Memorial Presbyterian Church

2930 W. Broad Street  Columbus OH 43204   614-276-5433

Who's In the Pulpit

At the end of 2015 Rev Sensenbrenner decided to retire. He searched for and developed a partnership with Covenant Presbyterian church to assist Hoge after he left in several areas of our church activities including helping the church fill the pulpit each Sunday. We are looking forward to this partnership and eager to see how this arrangement might be beneficial to both churches. 

Below is a list of ministers who have brought and have agreed to bring our weekly message. It has been a pleasure and we have experienced different styles of worship. There are plans for the members of Covenant  helping Hoge with our community missions . They have begun helping with our HM3 project. 

Below are dates for the first few months of 2016.  Where our path leads in regard to a permanent minister for Hoge is still unclear, we will be able to keep our doors open to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ for the foreseeable future thanks to those that have filled our pulpit.  To them we say thank you and God bless as we continue to keep feeding the communie both physically and spiritually.N

For a short bio on some of the preachers see Visiting Pastors


January 2 Rev. Bill Leety

January 10 Rev. Tracy Keenan

January 17 Rev. Bill Leety

January 24 Rev. Susan Warrener Smith

January 31 Rev. Dean Roush

February 14 Rev. Dean Roush

February 21 Rev. Keith Jones

February 28 Rev. Charlotte O'Neil

March 6 Rev. Susan Warrener Smith

March 13 Rev. Jim Mehler

March 20 Rev. Susan Warrener Smith

March 27 Rev. Charlotte O'Neil

April 3 Rev. Keith Jones

April 10 Rev. Scot Braswell

April 17 Rev. Rev. Susan Warrener Smith

April 24 Rev. Dean Rouch 

May 1 Julie Oswalt

May 8 Rev. Tracy Keenan

May 15 Rev. Susan Warrener Smith 

May 22  Rev. Charlotte O'Neil

May 29 Ed Wilson

June 5 Rev. Charlotte O'Neil 

June 12 Rev. Katie Kinnison 

June 19 Rev. Charlotte O'Neil 

June 26 Rev. Dear Roush

July 3 Rev. Susan Warrener Smith 

July 10 Rev. Scot Braswell 

July17  Julie Oswalt 

July 24 Hymn Fest

July 31 Rev. Keith Jones

August 7 Julie Oswalt 

August 14  Rev.Jim Mehler 

August 21 Rev. Keith Jones 

August 28 Julie Oswalt 

September 4  Rev. Susan Warrner Smith 

September 11 Rev. Troy Braswell 

September 18 Rev. Dean Roush 

September 25 Ed Wilson 

October 2 Rev. Scot Braswell 

October 9 Rev. Tracy Keenan 

October 16 Rev. Keith Jones 

October 23 Rev. Charlotte O'Neil 

October 31 Rev. Scot Braswell 

November 6 Rev. Scot Braswell 

November 13 Rev. Tracy Keenan 

November 20 Rev. Keith Jones 

November 27 Rev. Charlotte O'Neil 

December 4 Rev. Wayne Morrison 

December 11 Rev. Jim Mehler 

December 18 Rev. Susan Warrener Smith 

December 24  Rev. Ed Sensenbrenner 

December 25 Rev. Ed. Sensenbrenner 


January 1 Ed Wilson 

January 8 Rev. Tracy Keenan

January 15 Rev. Troy Braswell

January 22 Rev. Susan Warrener Smith

January 29 Rev. Troy Braswell

February 5 Rev. Keith Jones

February 12 Rev. Katie Kinnison

February 19 Rev. Susan Warrener Smith

February 26 Rev. Charlotte O'Neil

March 5 Rev. Keith Jones

March 12 Rev. Katie Kinnison

March 19 Rev. Susan Warrener Smith

March 26 Rev. Rudy Smith

April 2 Rev. Rudy Smith

April 9 (Palm Sunday) Rev. Keith Jones

April 16 (Easter) Rev. Troy Braswell

April 23 Mike Minch

April 30 Rev. Keith Jones

May 7 Rev. Rudy Smith

May 14 Rev. Jim Mehler

May 21 Rev. Keith Jones

May 28 Rev. Wayne Morrison

June 4 Rev. Susan Warrner Smith

June 11 Rev. Rudy Smith

June 18 Denise Stone

June 25 Rev. Wayne Morrison

July 2 Special Patriotic Service

July 9  Rev. Doug Taylor

July 16 Joan Bolinger

July 23 Rev. Wayne Morrison

July 30 Rev. Keith Jones

August 6 Rev. Susan Warrner Smith

August 13 Rev. Scott Braswell

August 20 Rev. Keith Jones

August 27 Rev. Wayne Morrison

September 3 Tom Billman

September 10 Keith Jones

September 17 Susan Kroeker

September 24 Wayne Morrison

October 1 Keith Jones

October 8 Keith Jones

October 15 Susan Kroeker

October 22 Wayne Morrison

October 29 Keith Jones

November 5 Keith Jones

November 12 Keith Jones

November 19 Susan Warrner Smith 

November 26 Thomas Billman

December 3 Susan Warrener Smith

December 10 Keith Jones

December 17 Susan Kroeker

December 24 Wayne Morrison

December 31 Tom Billman


January 7 Keith Jones

January 14 Tom Billman

January 21 Keith Jones

January 28 Wayne Morrison

February 4 Keith Jones

February 11 Keith Jones

February 18 Susan Kroeker

February 25 Wayne Morrison 

March 4 Susan Warrener Smith

March 11 Tom Billman

March 18 Keith Jones

March 25 Wayne Morrison

April 1  Dean Roush

April 8 Susan Kroeker

April 15 Keith Jones

April 22 Wayne Morrison

April 29 Tom Billman

May 6 Susan Kroeker

May 13 Keith Jones

May 20 Keith Jones

May 27 Wayne Morrison

June 3 Susan Warrener Smith

June 10 Tom Billman

June 17 Susan Kroeker

June 24 Dean Roush

July 1 Patriotic Hymn Sing

July 8 Tom Billman

July 15 Susan Warrener Smith

July 22 Wayne Morrison

July 29 Mike Minch

August 5 Keith Jones

August 12 Keith Jones

August 19 Tom Billman

August 26 Wayne Morrison

September 2 Dean Roush

September 9 Tom Billman

September 16 Tom Billman

September 23 Wayne Morrison

September 30 Keith Jones

October 7 Keith Jones

October 14 Tom Billman

October 21 Tom Billman

October 28 Wayne Morrison

November 4 Keith Jones

November 11 Keith Jones

November 18 Tom Billman

November 25 Tom Billman

December 2 Keith Jones

December 9 Tom Billman

December 16 Keith Jones 

December 23 Dean Roush

December 24 Tom Billman

December 30 Tom Billman 


January 6 Keith Jones

January 13 Tom Billman

January 20 Tom Billman 

January 27 Wayne Morrison

February 3 Keith Jones

February 10 Tom Billman

February 17 Tom Billman

February 24 Wayne Morrison

March 3 Keith Jones

March 10 Tom Billman

March 17 Tom Billman

March 24 Wayne Morrison

March 31 Susan Warrner Smith

April 7 Keith Jones

April 14 Tom Billman

April 21 Tom Billman

April 28 Wayne Morrison

May 5 Keith Jones

May 12 Tom Billman

May 19 Tom Billman

May 26 Wayne Morrison

June 2 Mike Minch

June 9 Tom Billman

June16 Tom Billman

June 23 Wayne Morrison

June 30 TBA

July 7 TBA

July 14 Keith Jones

July 21 Tom Billman

July 28 TBA

August 4 TBA

August 11 Keith Jones

August 18 Tom Billman

August 25 Susan Kroeker

September 1 Susan Warrner Smith

September 8 Tom Billman

September 15 Tom Billman

September 22 Keith Jones

September 29 Rev. M. Stephen Merold

October 6 Tom Billman

October 13 Susan Kroeker

October 20 Tom Billman

October 27 Wayne Morrison

November 3 Tom Billman

November 10 Tom Billman

November 17 Tom Billman

November 24 Wayne Morrison

December 1 Tom Billman

December 8 Susan Warrener Smith

December 15 Tom Billman

December 22 Wayne Morrison

December 24 Tom Billman

December 29 Tom Billman


January 5 Tom Billman

January 12 Keith Jones

January 19 Tom Billman

January 26 Wayne Morrison

February 2 Tom Billman

February 9 Keith Jones

February 16 Tom Billman

February 23 Susan Warrener Smth

March 1 Tom Billman

March 8 Tom Billman

March 15 Tom Billman

March 22 Susan Warrener Smith

March 29 Tom Billman

April 5 Tom Billman

April 12 Tom Billman

April 19 Cindy McKay

April 26 Wayne Morrison

May 3 Tom Billman

May 10 Cindy McKay

May 17 Tom Billman

May 24 TBA

May 31 TBA

June 7 Tom Billman

June 14 Cindy McKay

June 21 Rev. Marion T. Redding

June 28 Wayne Morrison

July 5 Tom Billman

July 12 Rev. Susan Warrener Smith

July 19 Tom Billman

July 26 Reve. Marion Redding Stenner

August 2 Tom Billman

August 9 Peggy Holcomb

August 16 Tom Billman

August 23 Rev. Wayne Morrison

August 30 Peggy Holcomb

September 6 Tom Billman

September 13 Mavais Rody 

September 20 Tom Billman

September 27 Wayne Morrison

October 4 Tom Billman

October 11 Peggy Holcomb

October 18 Tom Billman

October 25 Wayne Morrison

November 1 Tom Billman

November 8 Peggy Holcomb

November 15 Tom Billman

November 22 Wayne Morrison

November 29 Peggy Holcomb

December 6 Tom Billman

December 13 Peggy Holcomb

December 20 Marion Stenner

December 24 Tom Billman

December 27 Tom Billman


January 3 Tom Billman 

January 10 Marion Stenner

January 17 Tom Billman

January 24 Wayne Morrison

January 31 Marion Stenner

February 7 Tom Billman

February 14 Susan Warrener Smith

February 21 Tom Billman

February 28 Wayne Morrison