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WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE. We hope your visit here will be both informative and inspiring. We encourage you to learn about the current ministries and community support work going on right now at Hoge.


We hope you will enjoy learning about our history including: the life of Reverend James Hoge whom the church was named for, the two churches of Hoge, the stories behind each of the stained glass windows. Also, a look at our neighborhood, Westgate and the Hilltop, as it has changed year after year. Find out the background stories of our past pastors which are filled with interesting facts and personal stories. For example: Do you know which two pastors were born in Europe? Which assistant pastor served as a U.S. Army chaplain in Greenland? Which pastor was named as the chaplain to the 97 General Assembly of the Ohio House of Representatives? Which pastor was absent from the pulpit to participate in an Air Force-sponsored preaching mission, while also serving in the Indiana Legislature?


Discover Hoge’s current and past honored military veterans. Learn which pastors have filled the pulpit on Sunday mornings from  2014 to the present day. Find out about those churches, organizations, and businesses we consider … Friends of Hoge.


With so much to view we encourage you to scroll through our pages and share a part of that which has made Hoge a blessing to Columbus as we continue to feed the community both physically and spiritually.


In searching for words that fit the "about us" feature of this site I came across several interesting descriptions.


"Presbyterians place great importance upon education and lifelong learning. Continuous study of the scriptures, theological writings, and understanding and interpretation of church doctrine are embodied in several statements of faith and catechisms formally adopted by various branches of the church, often referred to as " subordinate standards". It is generally considered that the point of such learning is to enable one to put one's faith into practice; some Presbyterians generally exhibit their faith in action as well as words, by generosity, hospitality, and the constant pursuit of social justice and reform, as well as proclaiming the gospel of Christ." 


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Another description:

"Presbyterians were among the earliest Reformed immigrants to America. They settled up and down the East Coast, and began to push westward into the American wilderness, founding congregations as early as the 1630s. In 1706, seven Presbyterian ministers met in Philadelphia and formed the Presbytery of Philadelphia, the first Presbyterian presbytery in the New World. The clergy assumed the freedom to organize and the right to worship, preach, teach, and administer the sacraments. Growing population and immigration caused the presbytery to organize the Synod of Philadelphia in 1716. The church began to develop its own indigenous leadership and educational, mission, and charitable institutions, as well as to experience its first internal conflicts"

The above paragraph came from

Office Hours:

Tues: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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