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Christian Education

Christian Education at Hoge has changed over the past. From Sunday School classes numbering more than 200 to a very low number of young people at this time. We hosted peace school and vacation bible school for many years. Those too have been put on a back burner while we try different ideas for larger turn outs. We have only one, two or three children most Sundays but we are a congregation of hope, trust and faith. Sunday School curriculum including stories and crafts are prepared on a weekly basis ready following the Children’s Time portion of the service. We also try to do a mini Sunday School class through craft distributed during our HM3 Saturdays for the children who are present. We are presently opening more avenues to adult seminars and training sessions. We are also in discussions about forming an adult Bible Study class. Our Martha Circle conducts a Bible Study or Christian book-club type reports at our monthly meetings.

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