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Outreach, Worship and Christian Ed have in recent years combined their meeting time. The members of each of the three are in tune with what is happening in the others. There are pros and cons for this arrangement. The pros seem to work well for us as we are a small congregation. The Outreach Committee manages HM3 and more seasonal and traditional events as listed below. Some examples are the Easter egg hunt, the stained glass window tour, and the Birthday party for Jesus. In the past a Blessing of the Pets service was held and a few seasons of Trunk or Treat. These missions have been postponed. It's not out of the question that they could be reestablished. There has been some discussion of planing another tour of our unique stained glass windows, stay tuned.

Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg Hunt was postponed in 2014 and '15. It was restarted in 2017. In years past we have averaged between 170 and 190 kids. They not only hunt for eggs, but also enjoyed other activities as well as bonding with other children in our community. We would once again like to thank those who volunteered to help with all aspects of the endeavor. Check our calendar on this site for these activities as well as all the others we offer.

Stained Glass Window Tour

Following a first tour of the stained glass windows given by Rev. Sensenbrenner to a tour group, we decided to do it again, but this time, open it up to the community. The booklet which accompanied the tour was redone. The order of pages was changed and new photos of the windows taken. The tour was attended by several couples from Hoge’s congregation, as well as two couples from outside of Hoge who had both seen the announcement in the Westside Messenger. We hope to try it again, and again if the interest continues.


Birthday Party For Jesus

We have celebrated the true meaning of Christmas with the children, children at heart to, in our local community. It adds to the mood of Christmas for those of us making the preparations and carrying out the events of the selected time and date. Hot dogs, chips, cookies, punch, and of course the birthday cake. Coloring pages were provided to keep the kids entertained. There was a story of the birth of Jesus. Either singing or Christmas tunes in the background contribute to the festivities. Finally, at the conclusion of the evening, each child received a gift bag with different craft items related to the season.

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