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HM3: Hoge’s Music, Message, and Meal


We at Hoge have received questions about our HM3 Program in recent months. Those questions have come from churches and groups from all over central Ohio and as far away as Rochester, New York. So allow me to take a few minutes and answer those questions.


HM3 stands for Hoge’s Music, Message, and Meal. Every Saturday at 5:00 PM, HM3 is held in our lower level fellowship room, Wold Hall. HM3 starts at 5:00 PM with 10 minutes of music. The next 10 minutes is our message. It isn’t always a standard Sunday morning sermon. Instead, some give personal testimony, while others read inspirational writings. The final 10 minutes prior to serving the meal is a time for prayer requests. If there is a minister in attendance, they have the option of serving communion to all those who wish to partake.


The third M, the meal, is served starting normally at about 5:30 p.m. Most groups prepare some or all of their meal prior to arriving. This helps them to reduce how early they need to arrive and the amount of cleaning up required at the end. However, all groups are welcome to use our extensive kitchen. We also receive free baked goods from Panera Bread in Grandview.


At every HM3, there is at least one Hoge person scheduled to attend who has all needed keys and a knowledge of the facilities to assist outside groups as required. If it is discovered that the group only has one or two people, or the group cancels entirely, the call will go out for additional Hoge members to help.


A personal care pantry of hygiene items has been started and items are given out once a month. The time for the pantry match those of the HM3 program itself.


In 2008, Robin Wilson, then our church secretary, and her husband Ed, an aspiring Methodist minister-in-training, wanted to start a new ministry in Columbus. They had attended a ministry in Circleville, Ohio, called “The Filling Station” which they wanted to use as a model. When they could not get support from the church they attended, they brought their idea to Pastor Leigh Holder-Bobo, Hoge’s Outreach committee, and session. After several months of discussion and planning, HM3 was born. It began in January 2009. For 6 months it was held the last Saturday of the month. The following 6 months, the 2nd and 4th Saturdays. Beginning in January 2010 it was changed to every Saturday. Initially it was run strictly by Hoge members and their friends and families. As time went on other groups and churches began inquiring about helping. Since then, the ministry has flourished and grown.


It is open to anyone and everyone. Some of those who attend are homeless. Others simply need a hot meal or listening ear. But we invite people of all demographics and economic standings. Many of those who attend are not comfortable in a formal Sunday morning service surrounded by stained glass windows and people in formal attire. For example, one person named Jimmy, who suffers from Tourettes comes with a helper. He had been asked to leave other churches because of his uncontrollable outbursts. HM3 is his church home.


Saturdays are the most convenient time for both volunteers and participants. Originally HM3 started at 6:00 PM, but when the “Out Of The Box” Community Theater Company took up residence in Wold Hall to rehearse and put on performances every other month, it was decided to start HM3 an hour earlier.


If a group or individual would like to perform musically by playing an instrument such as guitar, piano, harmonica, or other types, we would love to discuss it with the interested parties. Many in our audience get as much from the words of a song as they do from a message.



The Message portion of HM3 is by far our GREATEST NEED on a monthly basis. We have had only three or four individuals who have stepped forward to do messages. You do not have to be an ordained minister to do this. As stated above, it can be a message, an inspirational reading, a testimony, or the time slot can be used to give a short musical performance by an individual or group.


As long as there is a Hoge Memorial Presbyterian Church, there will be HM3. The number of volunteer groups continues to increase.


HM3 is not meant to be just another hot meal on the Hilltop. Through this urban ministry we look forward to feeding God’s people… both physically and spiritually, for years to come.


If you would like to find out more about the scheduling and ask questions or to comment on the website contact us at the following email address: or at the contact page.

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