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REV. JAMES HOGE : A Look Back In Memorium

The Life of Reverend James Hoge was a blend of spiritual shepherd, community pioneer, and guardian to the blind and deaf. On the 50 Anniversary of Hoge Memorial Presbyterian Church in Columbus, Ohio, a series of articles were written about his life. The sketches were taken from notes gathered by the late Foster Copeland and assembled by his daughter, Miss Eleanor Copeland back in January 1956. The articles were written by M. K. Weber and Paul Hess, historians of Hoge Memorial P. C. For our story visit the chapters below by clicking on the blue underlined titles. 

WE REMEMBER: Dr. James Hoge

If you have any historical information or stories passed down through the decades about Dr. Hoge, his wife, or anything pertaining to things you’ve read above that you would like to share on this website please click here and fill in the form let us know it is for the website.

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