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Worthington Presbyterian Church

An open house event was held at Hoge in 2009 where all Worthington PC’s members were invited to tour our church and listen to a discussion of all the ministries available for them to volunteer at. Of the 90 members who came to the open house, more than half showed interest and signed up to help in one or more areas.

The Worthington PC Junior and Senior High youth groups agreed to start coming to Hoge on opposite months to fill food boxes for Hoge’s Food Pantry. The youth leaders, Keenan Blanke and Dick Jones, were instrumental in keeping the youth focused and motivated to come back month after month. They did a great job of keeping our shelves full of boxes ready to be handed out. With changes to the youth group on the horizon we hope to renew the youth’s interest in this ministry and hope to keep the kids of Worthington involved on a regular basis for a long time to come. For more about our food pantry program, please see that portion of our website.

The new full-time minister at Worthington who arrived this September is Rev. Julia Piermont. She has already made known her desire to come to Hoge and attend an HM3 service in the near future. She has also spoken quite highly about the relationship the two churches have. Many individuals and families have helped and continue to do so. Whether it be filling food boxes, handing out those same boxes to needy families, or helping with HM3, the help is greatly appreciated and never ending.

One WPC member in particular, Tom Piecenski, not only helps with the food pantry, but has been the lead in finding WPC members to assist in HM3 meals twice a month. In 2013 his scheduling was greatly simplified by the addition of two teams of families being formed. Those are teams Elliot and Milroy, each made up of four couples from the WPC congregation. These new teams provide one meal every other month. With the upcoming 2015 HM3 Calendar in the works, Team Piecenski has shifted to every other month. Teams Elliot and Milroy will continue to be scheduled on opposite months, but this time on the second Saturday of the month instead of the third. For more about what HM3 is, please see that portion of our website.

Over the past few years Worthington has also provided candy and manpower to help with Hoge’s Easter Egg Hunt. With 250+ kids and their families participating in the hunts, every bit helps.

 Members of Worthington supported to a brand new event which occurred this past December. It was the first Birthday Party for Jesus. It was an evening of games, crafts, and food, and a children’s storybook time. It was a great aid in helping us, as we teach the true meaning of Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Christ. The first one occurred on Sunday, 15 December 2013 at 5:30 PM. It was held in Hoge’s fellowship hall. There were 22 children and adults who participated. The numbers for 2014 were smaller, but no less fun.

In addition to their involvement with Hoge, there is a wide variety of other ministries that the members of Worthington PC take part in. These include a Red Cross Blood Drive, YWCA Family Center assistance and a coat and blanket drive.

To volunteer with handing out food at Hoge’s food pantry, contact Hoge’s church office. For all other events involving work with Hoge, the main Worthington PC point of contact is Regina Hilburn, who can be contacted at to answer any questions.

If you want to know more about Worthington Presbyterian and its upcoming events, please contact their church office at (614) 885-5355 or visit their website at The church is located at 773 High Street, Worthington, Ohio 43085. This is on the Worthington Green at the northeast corner of SR 161 and N. High Street.

Concord Presbyterian Church

Concord Presbyterian Church

This vibrant congregation located south of Delaware, Ohio has been active with Hoge for several years. With the support and leadership of their pastor, Ginny Teitt, they have been an indispensable part of our annual Easter Egg Hunt. For the past few years they have also been supplying manpower to ensuring our food pantry keeps its shelves full of food boxes for the approximately 200 families we serve in an average month. Though their outreach priorities changed in the spring of 2014 to work separate from Hoge, we appreciate all the help they have been and wish them God’s strength and guidance as their work goes on in other directions.

The congregation at Concord continues to do a variety of missions. Project NET (Nowhere Else to Turn) is their ministry that helps neighbors with home repairs. Other local missions include: raising crops for the hungry, clothing and personal hygiene collection and distribution, and assisting the Ron Dublin Food Pantry. Their international ministries include: Concord’s Ethiopian Educational Project/ Light of Hope/ PFF. This project works to build schools and educate teachers in remote villages in Ethiopia. Concord also supports the Loitokitok Children Orphanage Home through Compassion International and Grace Ministries. For more about the work being done in Christian love by Concord, here in central Ohio and around the world, visit their website at

Bloom Presbyterian Church

This small church with the big heart has been making the trip every quarter all the way from Lithopolis in Fairfield County to Hoge to be a part of our HM3 ministry. For the past couple of years Pastor Brian Haroff has led his group to Hoge to help. This summer he received a new call to lead the First and Second Presbyterian Churches down in Portsmouth, Ohio. The transition for Bloom has been nearly seamless in regards to Hoge. On 17 August they welcomed in their new pastor, Cathy Hill. On 30 August, she gave the HM3 message and served communion when Bloom returned to Hoge. We were honored to be the location of her first ever communion. We wish Brian the best and warmly welcome Cathy on behalf of her friends at Hoge.

In addition to their assistance at Hoge there are a variety of other ministry and outreach opportunities happening at Bloom. They have a monthly game night on the second Friday of each month at 6:30 pm and a free pancake and sausage breakfast the third Saturday of each month. Both are open to the community. You are welcome to join them each Sunday morning for their services at 10:30 am. For more about Bloom go to their website at or contact the church directly at (614) 837-2321.

Westminister Presbyterian Church

Our neighbors to the west in Lincoln Village have shared what they have with us. They have been active partners in the work of Hoge, especially in regards to HM3, which they have participated in on several occasions during the last couple of years. Not only has the congregation in general provided meals, but also their youth group. With the departure of the core family of their youth group leaving the Columbus area, the youth ministry of Westminster is in a holding partner, with the hopes that more families will join the church and bring life back into this vital group.

With the departure of their longtime interim pastor Kim Trimboli, the Westminster congregation has welcomed Doug Browne to fill their pulpit until at least the summer of 2015. He has shown a strong interest in the continued cooperation which has been occurring between our two churches. He has also spoken of his willingness to participate in our HM3 program in regards to giving the message and serving communion on those evenings when Westminster is preparing the meal or other times as needed.

For more on the about the work and ministries of Westminster Presbyterian Church go to their website at or contact the church office at (614) 878 – 4623.

Overbrook Presbyterian Church

This large and ergetic ingregation, who shares a church design very similar to Hoge’s, has been volunteering their time with Hoge for several years. They have helped with Hoge’s HM3 program, food pantry and Easter Egg Hunts.

The members of Overbrook provided excellent meals at HM3. In addition, Rev. Mike Ludwig brought his guitar and accompanied HM3 Music Director, Ed Wilson, in the musical portion of the service prior to giving the message and serving communion. In August 2014 Rev. Ludwig accepted a calling to be a missionary in Africa, teaching literacy and ministering to the people of the continent. He and his family will be in the missionary field for four years. Overbrook has requested 2015 HM3 Calendar dates in the months of February, April, and August, each on the third Saturday.

In addition to their work with Hoge there are a variety of other ongoing outreach ministries. These include YWCA Family Center Dinners, open shelter lunch packing, Habitat for Humanity local projects, adult and youth mission trips, and the list goes on. Overbrook also supports international programs such as the Marafiki Aids Ministry in Kenya. The church also hosts Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Cub Scout and Alcoholics Anonymous groups.

They have a contemporary worship service at 9:00 am, which feels a great deal like Hoge’s HM3 music and message. They also have a more traditional service at 11:00 am. The church is located at 4131 N. High St. in Clintonville. At the traditional service you may also get to experience the joyful sounds of Overbrook’s choirs as well as the Chancel Chimes and Canterbury Ringers bell choirs. For more about the ministries of Overbrook Presbyterian you can go to their website at or call the church office at (614) 261 - 1040.

Hilliard Presbyterian Church

One of our more recent additions to Hoge’s lineup of friends from the Presbyterian churches, Hilliard joined us in August by hosting an HM3 as part of their MTwoT (mission trip without the trip) program.

For more about Hilliard you can go to their website at The church is located in Hilliard at 3600 Leap Rd. You can also contact their church office at (614) 876 – 7121.

Glenwood United Methodist Church

Our neighbors just to the north in Valleyview have been long time supports of Hoge. The church has supported Hoge monetarily and with manpower and food donations, all directed to our food pantry.

In addition to working with Hoge some of the other ministries include Wednesday’s at Walgreen’s where they meet the community at the corner of W. Broad St. and N. Hague Ave. Some of their partnership ministries include the Westside Free Store at Westgate UMC, there work with New Life UMC and the Shalom Zone. They also support a Mission to Mexico. In cooperation with Scioto Ridge UMC they support a medical team and building team that crosses the border from Mission, Texas.

There Sunday services are at 9:30 a.m. (casual) and 10:45 a.m. (traditional). Glenwood is located at 2833 Valleyview Dr. in Valleyview. For more about Glenwood you can go to their website at

Hillcrest Church

This church has closed its doors, but during its existence it was an important part of Hoge’s HM3 program. Its life continues through the work carried on by some of its members at their new church home, Cypress Wesleyan Church.

Hilltonia United Methodist Church

Following the closure of Hilltonia UMC, the Wilson family moved to Cypress Wesleyan. It is a church with six weekend services totaling more than 4,000 in attendance collectively. They continue to be a vital part of our HM3 program and with the new personal care pantry. Some members of Cypress have begun assisting with the actual distribution of food boxes to families. In October 2014 they began helping with the filling of food boxes for our food pantry. This will occur on the third Saturday of each month prior to, or during, HM3. They have also been an important part of our personal care pantry operation.

Besides its involvement with Hoge, Cypress has many other opportunities to share with the community. For more about Cypress you can go to their website at


This is the newest group to join our ministry by name, all though certain individuals have been coming to assist members from Cypress Wesleyan. Their initial point of interest is involvement with HM3. They are now serving meals at HM3 on the fourth Saturday, every other month. For more about Crosslinks you can go to their church website at

Girl Scout Troop

This troop, which meets in our church building every Monday night, has been active in helping Hoge’s ministries thrive. The Girl Scout troop has been involved with cooking and serving HM3 meals, making boxes for the food pantry, and helping in multiple ways with our annual easter egg hunt.

For more about the Girl Scouts of America you can go to their website at

Cub Scouts

Although this cub scout pack did not recharter this past year due to rising registration costs and not meeting the minimum number of kids required, they were a valuable part of the Hoge family while they were with us. The pack participated in making food boxes for our church food pantry. Aside from their weekly meetings they also held a Blue and Gold ceremony in Wold Hall. For more about the Cub Scout program you can go to their website at

Boy Scouts

Although the boy scout troop did not recharter this past year due to rising registration costs and not meeting the minimum number of kids required, they were a valuable part of the Hoge family while they were with us. The boy scout troop participated in . For more about the Boy Scouts of America you can go to their website at

Rockswoods Cleaners

It may seem strange to add a dry cleaner to the list of friends, but Rockwood’s actions demand recognition. Over the past 5 years Rockwood has provided hundreds of cardboard boxes for use in our food pantry. This has allowed us to make it possible to assist our food pantry clients in having a means to carry their food home. Rockwood has also given monetary donations and supplied 500 plastic Easter eggs with candy for this year’s Easter Egg Hunt. Congratulations to Rockwood Cleaners for being voted the top dry cleaner in Columbus for 2014. For more about Rockwood Dry Cleaners you can go to their website at

Panera Bread

One of the greatest miracles of the bible is the feeding of the 5000. Although Panera Bread does not perform a miracle, they do an excellent job of showing Christian love by giving their abundance from each of their stores to Hoge and a host of other worthy churches and organizations. The newly relocated Panera Bread located at 3 Avenue and Grandview Ave has been providing their leftover bake goods on Fridays to Hoge for over a year. That bread in turn is provided to those families who come to our Saturday evening HM3 program. For some, that bread may be the only thing they may have to eat the following day. We would like to thank them for their continuing generosity. To find out more about Panera Bread and where their stores are located you can go to their website at

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