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Now we are getting into very familiar territory, the King James Bible. For many Christians the “King James Bible” is still a favorite translation. Especially the poetry of the Book of Psalms has been unequaled.

James I of England and James VI of Scotland lived from 1566 to 1625. His mother was Mary, Queen of Scots. Mary Stuart was executed by the English and James, strangely enough, raised few objections to her death.

James inherited the throne of England upon the death of Elizabeth I. In 1611, James authorized a new translation of the Bible. A small band of scholars with a limited number of manuscripts proceeded to publish a new translation which lasted well into the 20th century.

Since 1611, many more old manuscripts of the Scriptures were discovered, the Dead Sea Scroll among them. Modern scholars thus had a greater number of reliable resources to draw from. By now the 1611 King James Version is pretty much outdated. There is now even a New King James Version of the Bible published in 1979 which has found a limited audience.

The window represents King James with his scepter of authority and a scroll symbolizing the Bible in his left hand. A crown lays at his feet.

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