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The Gospel of Luke is the third book of the New Testament. The figure in the window represents Luke with a pen in his hand. He is the author of the Book of Acts as well.

Luke was born at Antioch in Syria and was a companion of the Apostle Paul on his frequent trips. Tradition says that Luke continued to preach after Paul’s death and that he was crucified in Greece even though others claim that he died peacefully.

Luke is the author best known for writing the Christmas story. The annunciation to Mary, the visitation of Mary and Elizabeth, the manger with no room at the inn and the angel’s appearance to the shepherds is only found in Luke.

The author is also called the ‘beloved physician’ in reference to the medical profession of which he was thought to be a practicing member. There is also a legend to the effect that Luke was a painter, and that he did several portraits of the Virgin Mary and of Jesus. Throughout Europe there are churches which claim to have an original version of such a scene. Renaissance painters pick up the theme and included the figure of Luke painting Mary and Jesus. Luke is also the patron saint of painters.

The winged ox seen on the bottom of the window refers to the priesthood of Christ. The ox is a symbol of sacrifice and in the Gospel Jesus is portrayed as one who is sacrificed on our behalf.

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